Wideband speech coding using forward/backward adaptive prediction with mixed time/frequency domain excitation

J. Schnitzler, J. Eggers, C. Erdmann, P. Vary
1999 IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding Proceedings. Model, Coders, and Error Criteria (Cat. No.99EX351)  
This paper describes a wideband (7kHz) speech coding scheme using code-excited linear prediction (CELP) with mixed time and frequency domain excitation. The proposed frequency domain innovation can be used alternatively or in parallel to a time domain codebook. In addition an improved synthesis filter is used consisting of a signal dependent combination of a forward adaptive and a backward adaptive (FA/BA) structure. An experimental codec operating at 15.5 or 20.0 kbit/s is demonstrated.
doi:10.1109/scft.1999.781465 fatcat:fglohz56fferre7jnrls5zp2yu