Detection of Antibodies Against Penicillium marneffei Antigens in Chiang Mai Healthy Population

ลดาวัลย์ สาริยา, รสสุคนธ์ กลิ้นหอม, ธารินี ไชยวงศ์, Sakorn Pornprasert
2015 Journal of Associated Medical Sciences  
Obiect : To determine the antibodies against P. marneffei antigens in serum of Chiang Mai healthy population compared to HIV positive patients with penicilliosis marneffei. Method : Antibodies to secreted and sonicated form of P. marneffei anligens were determined by indirect ELISA technique. 103 Normal healthy sera and 9 H|V-positive patients with penicilliosis marneffei sera that diluted into l:1,000 with 0.05% PBS Tween were incubated with both forms of each 0.25 pg/ml antigens. Then
more » ... ce of the reaction was measured by spectrophotometer at wavelenght of 490 nm. Results : The results demonstrated that 41 of 103 normal healthy sera (39.81%) were positive to sonicated form of P. marneffei anligen (A > 0.60) and 73 of 103 (70.88%) were positive to the secreted form. Three (33.33%) and five (55.55%) of HIV positive patients with penicilliosis marneffei were positive to sonicated and secreted form of this fungi antigen, respectively. Conclusion : The number of normal individuals hziving positive antibodies 1o both form of P. marneffei antigens in Chiang Mai population was not different from the HIV positive patients with penicilliosis marneffei. Bull Chiang Md Asso( Med sd 2oo0: ss: u2-s1.
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