The Effect of Short-Term Counseling and Tutoring on Reading Achievement, Study Skills, and Personal Adjustment

Michael Lynn Maughan
This study was designed to investigate more completely the effects of counseling and tutoring on reading achievement, study skills, and personal adjustment within the context of a college reading and study skills program. The study consisted of three phases which corresponded with the three regular school quarters. The subjects used in Phase I of this study were 12 college students who voluntarily registered for a reading and study skills class at Utah State University during the 1969 fall
more » ... er plus 40 students who transferred into the class from a remedial study class. In Phase II, there were 45 students who registered for the class plus 6 transfer students from a remedial study class. In Phase III, 34 students registered for the class and there were no transfer students. All students, each of the three quarters, attended the regular reading and study skill class periods besides either participating in counseling or tutoring sessions. Students in Phases I and II were alternately placed in either a counseling or tutoring group according to their ranked reading scores. They participated in either five one hour tutoring sessions or five one hour counseling sessions depending on their group placement. However, in Phase III, tutoring was statistically significant in increasing the speed of reading and outlining as well as increasing the quality of outline.
doi:10.26076/bc76-43d4 fatcat:hboqj3y6cbcotka7xpucctltsm