Contemporary Imaging Modalities for Temporomandibular Joint

2021 Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine  
There are different imaging methods used in the evaluation of bone structure, disc, ligaments and muscles that make up Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). The aim of this review is give information about choice of suitable imaging methods for TMJ diseases from past to present. In the past, conventional radiographs have often been used for TMJ imaging, but nowadays magnetic resonance imaging is the gold standard for soft tissue imaging and disc position determination. Another new technology,
more » ... graphy can be used for disc displacement, effusion, diagnosis of intraarticular defects. Cone beam computed tomography, it is used for the evaluation of cortical and trabecular structure of bone components of TMJ, developmental anomalies and traumatic injuries affecting TMJ, pathological changes such as osteophyte, erosion, fractures, ankylosis, glenoid fossa-condyle relationship. Nowadays, in parallel with the developing technology, a single imaging method is not used for TMJ imaging and evaluation is performed with several imaging methods. Imaging methods should be selected by evaluating the factors such as radiation dose, contribution to diagnosis and treatment plan, easy applicability.
doi:10.52142/ fatcat:q2kfyqhvhjdurahj4ni75lzkua