Developing THMs' Predictive Models in Two Water Supply Systems in Greece

Stavroula Tsitsifli, Vasilis Kanakoudis
2020 Water  
Disinfection is a very significant water treatment process for drinking water safety, as it inactivates pathogens from drinking water. However, disinfection-by-products (DBPs) are formed which are accused of contributing to cancer and reproductive/developmental effects. Research has provided many predictive models for the formation of DBPs based on various water quality parameters and following different methodologies. The present study aims at developing predictive models for the formation of
more » ... r the formation of DBPs in two drinking water supply systems in Greece. Data from the water supply systems are used. A statistical analysis took place to identify the predictive models for the formation of Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs). The results showed that some of the developed models are more reliable than others. However, further study is necessary in order to obtain more data on variables that are affecting trihalomethanes (THMs) formation. Such models can be used mainly locally.
doi:10.3390/w12051422 fatcat:kzhgasu3frewvfxvplokqlzcj4