The Importance of Gut Microbiota in Pregnancy: Prevention, Care and Support

Diana Yedid
2016 Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal  
The microbiota i.e. all those good bacteria along our intestines, influencing the maturation of the immune system, affects our health and well-being and protect us from diseases such as allergies, diabetes and even cancer. That's why we often hear talk about the microbiota. It all starts with the birth, (eutocico) and during vaginal passage, begins the exchange of bacteria that will colonize the intestines of the unborn child and be able to educate the immune system to recognize what belongs
more » ... body (self ), from what is foreign (non-self ). It will speak, therefore, tolerance of immunological, this phenomenon will continue with the breast feeding and the exchange with the saliva of the mother. We can say that the microbiota of the mother, closely related to food choices, it is essential for proper immune development of their child, then why not pay attention all the nutrition during pregnancy?
doi:10.15406/ogij.2016.04.00108 fatcat:shl46cvbfbeibhbhn4ximeax34