E-Entrepreneurship in E-Commerce: An Indian Perspective

Krishnaveni Nagen, Narbadeshwar Mishra
With the advent of internet technology and the ongoing amelioration and modernisation of electronic data networks, there has been a new dimension of doing business in India. The pretty new concept that has emerged, e-entrepreneurship, is now the buzzword that is captivating the Indian business world. An e-entrepreneur is one who makes use of the internet or any other means of electronic data networks as a platform to carry out business, so as to achieve his goals and visions. Seeing the
more » ... Seeing the unprecedented success of the e-commerce market since the past 15 years in India, many entrepreneurs have decided to go online and some have even closed their conventional businesses. However, it is noteworthy to mention that e-entrepreneurs have several challenges to overcome and that there is no guaranteed formula of success, that too in a diverse developing economy such as India. The purpose of this paper is thus to shed light on the current status of e-entrepreneurship in India by primarily focusing on the challenges to be overcome by the e-entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector. With India poised to become a net economy, the paper also briefs about the main opportunities present in the sector. Finally, as part of the recommendations, the paper proposes a model that would be conducive for a healthy growth and development of e-entrepreneurship in the Indian economy. Indeed, though the e-commerce market is flourishing, it is still in its nascent stage which is highly in need of a strong and healthy e-entrepreneurial business environment such that the e-entrepreneurs can operate smoothly and successfully.