Discrete States Buried in the Continuum [chapter]

E. C. G. Sudarshan
1981 Field Theory, Quantization and Statistical Physics  
This paper is dedicated to the memory of Professor B. Jouvet who saw clearly the close connection between renormalizable theories like the Lee model and the nonrenormalizable four-spinor interaction at a time when most physicists would not seriously entertain even the possibility. ABSTRACT. It is possible to have discrete normalizable eigenstates of energy with eigenvalues overlapping the continuous spectrum. A simple collection of examples exhibiting this behaviour is presented in this paper.
more » ... ted in this paper. E. Tirapegui ( Ed.), Field Theory, Quantization and Statistical Physics, 237-245. Copyright @ /98/ by D Reidel Publishing Company. 237 238 E. c. G. SUDARSHAN .
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