Ayman Zouitini, Youssef Kandri Rodi, Younes Ouzidan, Jerry P. Jasinski, Manpreet Kaur, El Mokhtar Essassi
2017 IUCrData  
In the title compound, C23H20N2S2, the mean planes of the phenyl rings are twisted with respect to the mean plane of the quinoxaline ring system by 73.8 (8) and 72.2 (8)°. A weak intramolecular C—H...N interactions is observed. The methyl group attached to the quinoxaline ring system is disordered over two sets of sites on the benzene ring having occupancies 0.531 (7) and 0.469 (7), respectively. One of the phenyl rings is disordered over two sets of sites having occupancies 0.649 (7) and 0.351
more » ... (10), respectively. In the crystal, π–π stacking interactions occur.
doi:10.1107/s2414314617012585 fatcat:2ybblfe7fnaxjfd6tu6ynp4y24