Period And Priority Assignment Method For Dcs Design

Hyoung Yuk Kim, Hong Seong Park
2008 Asian journal of control  
Distributed control systems (DCS) used in industry environments consist of sensors, actuators, and controllers that are connected with a fieldbus. It is difficult to design the DCS while guaranteeing the time-critical requirements because of both communication delays due to the fieldbus and computation delays due to many tasks executed in one node. This paper proposes a priority assignment method and a period assignment method that find the shortest periods of control loops and guarantee the
more » ... -to-end constraints such as precedence constraints and timing constraints. Also, a DCS design method is presented by using the proposed two assignment methods. The presented design method considers the worst-case response times of tasks and messages simultaneously and is applicable to a practical DCS, which consists of several constraints. The design method is validated by examples.
doi:10.1111/j.1934-6093.2003.tb00136.x fatcat:o2mjktwkhnaqjignbgqleo6ibi