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M Singaraj, M Phil, M Mrs, Immaculate Josephin, Ruba, D Awasthi, Uttar India, Tirtharaj Bhoi, Krishna Gopal, Thakur
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Science is not just a discipline of knowledge but a way of life. Apart from numerous specificity of science as a body of knowledge and a dynamic process of investigations, explanations and predictions, it is a system of human endeavours that helps us in training our body and mind, the we think, the way we behave or interact with others in society and the way we form our belief system. The commonly perceived role of science education actually extends its boundaries for imparting such values to
more » ... e learners that are the most essential ingredients of life. However, it is possible only when there would be an articulated perspective regarding how science teaching and its laboratory activities can help students imbibing those values. Science education is an integral component of school education system across the globe. In India, various educational committees and commissions like NPE, NCTE, IASE and CTE, have made continuous efforts to formulate strategies and subsequently monitor the quality of science education and have come up with a number of recommendations for the betterment of the classroom processes. This paper focuses on science education to elaborate its importance in instilling various values in students, specifically through laboratory activities. The paper emphasizes on the fact that science laboratory plays a very important role in articulating scientific concepts and helps in inculcating various values along with developing practical skills in students.