Contra o Conceito do Direito: Ontologia e Epistemologia no Problema da Definição do Direito [post]

Ítalo Oliveira
2018 unpublished
The problem of definition of the concept of law or at least the description of features of legal phenomenon presents variation about the implications of its solution and about the worries around it. The forms of this problem I am interested in are related to ontology and epistemology in legal philosophy: 'What is the law?' as (1) a question about the definition of the essence of law and (2) about the definition of a specific object of investigation for sciences about the supposed legal
more » ... osed legal phenomenon – philosophy of law, legal theory, and science of law, for instance. Challenging its premises and trying to avoid both the ontological problem and epistemological problem, I propose a change of perspective from pragmatic concerns what I call the "manager's point of view": a vision of who should manage the finite economic resources to finance scientific activity in the area of law. I argue that, starting from there, the problem of defining the concept of law as an ontological problem and as a epistemological problem is an unnecessary problem whose solution is useless to advance research in the field of law. I propose a reorientation of the controversy that has implications on how to see the researches and the education in this field.
doi:10.31237/ fatcat:pmygjnhdqzcmtocrsqffx2hpru