Identifying External Factors With Career Development of High School Students in Depok, West Java

Haryanto, Siti Marti'ah, Berta Dian Theodora
2020 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Folklore, Language, Education and Exhibition (ICOFLEX 2019)   unpublished
The decision to continue education to the next level must be taken by class XII of High School students. Planning and developing career of the students are influenced by internal and external factors. This research aimed at finding out specific dominant external factors that influenced the students' career. By identifying the external factors, the guidance and counseling teachers would focus on using it to develop the students' career. The data analysis applied the regression techniques, and
more » ... data collection gathered by a set of questionnaires to 260 students. The result showed that several external factors such as family environment, school environment and career information contributed 49.7% on the career development of the students. Among the three external factors, the dominant influencing variable was the career information. Therefore, the factor needed to be the focus of the family and the guidance and counselling teachers in providing the latest information about diversification of careers, particularly related to the digital era. Definitely, possible and up-to-date career information would reduce the students' mistaken in selecting the majors and the career.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.201230.067 fatcat:4vsqyj42m5cylgxv2w42oivbui