Phylogenetic and structural diversity of aromatically dense pili from environmental metagenomes [article]

Marcus S Bray, Jieying Wu, Cory C Padilla, Frank J. Stewart, David A. Fowle, Cynthia Henny, Rachel L. Simister, Kate J. Thompson, Sean A. Crowe, Jennifer B. Glass
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Electroactive type IV pili, or e-pili, are used by some microbial species for extracellular electron transport. Recent studies suggest that e-pili may be more phylogenetically and structurally diverse than previously assumed. Here, we investigated putative e-pilin genes in metagenomes from long term enrichments of Lake Matano sediment and diverse ecosystems including those in which metal reduction is likely important. We found that laboratory enrichments selected for aromatically dense pilins
more » ... ally dense pilins that were phylogenetically and structurally different than those in Lake Matano sediments. The putative e-pilins recovered from environmental metagenomes were diverse in phylogeny and protein length. We found that the majority of e-pilins in the environment may be full-length pilins and could be used by diverse bacterial taxa. Our results expand upon the structural and phylogenetic diversity of e-pilins.
doi:10.1101/668343 fatcat:q4zu6g373zcb5nom3d3skj3l5i