The Myth of Eternal Youth and Post-modern Civilisation. Androgyny, Genders and Biopower

Paolo Bellini, Università degli studi dell'Insubria, Varese – Como, Italia (
2022 Caietele Echinox  
"The myth of eternal youth, in connection with the symbolism of the androgyne, dates back to very ancient history and has been passing through the various stages of development of the Western culture and civilization since time immemorial. In particular, in Hesiod's myth of the golden age, there is a description of eternal youth that will leave a lasting impression in the imaginary of the Western civilization, spreading until modern and post-modern culture. Such an imaginary seems to guide the
more » ... urrent pursuits of biomedical sciences and new technologies, through which, although in an unconscious manner, the modern and post-modern civilization seems to cultivate the ancient dream of the golden age, thanks to a novel relationship between knowledge and power."
doi:10.24193/cechinox.2022.42.08 fatcat:wob2lhnj7jalllcezsmhbs6cly