The Barometer

1850 Scientific American  
Scientific Memoranda. BATH ING AND ITS EFFEcTs.-The num ber of the Medica.l a.nd Surgica.l Journa.l utters the opinion th&t once a. week is often enough to ba.the the whole body for the purpose of uxury or clea.nliness. Fla.nnel worn next to the skin a.t a.1I sea.sons is proper, a.nd is infi nitely more hea.lthful tha.n a.1I the da.ily ba.ths now so fa.shiona.ble. The a.rgument by which this opinion is supported is a.s follows: "The oil which is se.:reted by the seba.ceous gla.nds of the
more » ... ous gla.nds of the skin, serves the purpose of lubri ca.ting its surfa.ce. Now, if this secretion is consta.ntly removed a.s a.s exuded, its des tined object is thereby defea.ted. The excreto ry ducts of the perspira.tory gla.nds, a.nd the gla.nds themselves, require this unctious ma.t ter of the skin to keep them in hea.lth a.nd a.c tion. If very fr equent ba.thing of the whole bo�y is pra.cticed, it must be obvious tha.t this ma.tter ca.nnot be long present to perform its office. As to the a.ssimila. tion of functions of the �kin a.nd lungs, it will be, tha.t when the skin a.cts im perfectly, or to a.ct a.t a.1I, the lungs a.n extra. a.mOGnt of duty to perform; a.nd it is genera.lly in just such tha.t engorgement ta.kes pla.ce, con stituting or pheumonia.." [While a. grea.t number of hea.lth sta.ticians a.ttribute the of modern longevity to this a.nd tha.t c&use, we believe tha.t the g9ne ra.1 benefits of chea.p fla.nnel, linen a.nd cotton clothes overlooked. We c"n well under .ta.nd how necessa.ry it is for to ba.the once a. da.y, but not those who enjoy the luxu ry of clea.n linen. We no believers in extra.ordina.ry wa.ter indulgence, but where tb,!l point is, of prudentia.l depa.rture from ne cessa.ry a.nd hea.lthful lIa.thing, is the irnpor ta.nt question. THE SCHOOLMASTER ABRoA.n.-The newly elected Prim;).te of Irela.nd, Dr. Cullen, former ly edited a. mi.cella.neous a.nd scientific jgur na.l, in which there a.ppe"red, in 1843, "n edi toriaJ "rticle denying the truth of the Coperni c"n system of "stronomy, "nd "sserting th"t the sun wa.s "bout six feet in di"meter, a.nd tha.t the qu"ntity of ma.tter in the Bun, moon "nd, w"s less tha.n one-third of th"t con t"ined in the e"rth. The a.rticle goes on to show tha.t the e"rth h&s but one revolution, its diurn"1 one, "nd th"t we must go b"ck to Mo. ses a.nd the Son of Sir"ch for correct notions of the order "nd COurse of n"ture. Wh"t gives import"nce to these opinions of Dr. Cul
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