Synthesis and characterization of highly-ordered barium-strontium titanate nanotube arrays fabricated by sol—gel method

Chen Yu, Chen Wei, Guo Feng, Li Mei-Ya, Liu Wei, Zhao Xing-Zhong
2009 Chinese Physics B  
Highly uniformed barium-strontium titanate nanotube arrays were fabricated using a porous anodic aluminum oxide template from a barium-strontium titanate sol-gel solution. Electron microscope results showed that nanotubes with uniform length and diameter were obtained. The diameters and lengths of these nanotubes were dependent on the pore diameter and the thickness of the applied anodic aluminum oxide template. High resolution transmission electron microscopy and the selected-area electron
more » ... raction pattern investigations demonstrated the perovskite structure and the polycrystalline of the fabricated barium-strontium titanate nanotubes. The characterization of the electrical and dielectric properties had also been made. Compared to thin film material, the intrinsic leakage current density is almost the same. Besides, at 30 • C, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the fabricated nanotube is 80 and 0.027 at 1 MHz respectively.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/18/9/051 fatcat:xdtvzq5jozbkrofmrfbxlozmfy