Nonlinear Magnetostatic Finite-Element Formulation for Models With Radial Symmetry

Dries Vanoost, Herbert De Gersem, Joan Peuteman, Georges Gielen, Davy Pissoort
2014 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
This paper discusses the implementation of nonlinear material properties in a two-dimensional (2D) magnetostatic finite-element (FE) solver for radially symmetric models. It is shown that, when saturation occurs, the particular dependence of the magnetic vector potential on the radial coordinate as required for radial symmetry, is lost. Despite the 2D geometrical symmetry, the weighted residual approach requires numerical quadrature points to be distributed along the direction of symmetry. The
more » ... D solver with radial symmetry is illustrated by calculating the performance of a dual-rotor permanent-magnet axial-flux machine.
doi:10.1109/tmag.2013.2279114 fatcat:hucchul6rbd27ot5xtzlltnnfe