Effect of Moisture Content on Mechanical Properties and Terminal Velocity of Berberis

E Velayati, B Emadi, M Khojastehpour, M.H Saidirad
2011 Journal of Agricultural Machinery  
The study of mechanical properties of Berberis not only is useful for design and optimization of transportation, processing and packaging equipment but also can prevent mechanical injuries and losses. In this study force, deformation, energy and toughness were measured at different moisture content levels including 70-76, 45-50, 25-30 and 7-10 percent (w.b.). The decrease of moisture content caused increasing rupture force from 1.387 to 2.679 N, decreasing shape deformation from 3.387 to
more » ... rom 3.387 to 2.413mm, increasing toughness from 4.297 to 8.220 J/cm3 and decreasing rupture energy from 0.921 to 0.661mJ. Effects of loading speed, force orientation and their interaction were investigated on just fresh Berberis fruit. It was indicated that only force orientation was effective on all investigated properties except toughness. The moisture content was identified as an effective parameter on terminal velocity. It decreased from 9 to 4.5 m/s with decrease of moisture content from 76 to 7 percent (w.b.).
doi:10.22067/jam.v1i2.11358 doaj:5e54e939123d4a5f97bf40b5d02a67b0 fatcat:7su6o6grqzbdhf474iijn3fhcq