Crystallization from a Current-Bearing Electrolyte

Paul R. Heyl
1902 Physical Review  
H AVING failed to find any effect produced by electrostatic stress upon crystals produced under its influence (see this REVIEW, February, 1902), the writer has investigated the effect produced upon crystals formed from an electrolyte carrying a current. The results are likewise entirely negative. Two substances were used : copper sulphate in aqueous solution and mercuric iodide in concentrated hot hydrochloric acid. As in the previous investigation the mercuric iodide was used as a qualitative
more » ... ndicator rather than as a basis, for quantitative measurements. MERCURIC IODIDE. !>. CO r^ CM r-i CO OO CO 00 o r-i i>. vD T»co CM rH r-*. CN Th CO ON CO !>. CN rH rH CN r>. o r-i oo CN Tiro ON CN f>. CN rH CN in t^ o rH 00 rH 00 o rH 00 *o V£> CO CN r-i vo CN CO CN rH ON CN CO CO r-i CO r-* CN o in t>» o rH in CO t>. o rH r» v© CO CO CN CN r-i ^t-"tf" CN CN rH o CO CO CO CN CO t>» CN rH o CN oo o rH CN in !>. o rH r-« VO oo co CN rH r-i CO CO CO CN CO tx CN r-i r-i rH oo o rH VO rH OO O rH KO vo in m CM CN rH CN rH co CN rH CM CO CO CO t>. CO £•>. CN rH rH CM OO O rH 00 00 o rH ^O VO CO CO CN r-i CN CO CN rH CO CO CN CO co r>. CN rH rH o in !>. o rH in vo Tt" "*• CN CN rH •<*• co CN co <* CN X> CN rH rH t-^ in !> o rH in CO
doi:10.1103/physrevseriesi.15.335 fatcat:itvgmcr2uvc3znn72hr2piaq4m