Analyzing Correlation of Self-leadership and Intrinsic Motivation Among Some Physiotherapy Students

Eun-Joo Kim, Han-Suk Lee
2017 Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Medicine  
| Abstract |1 ) PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to provide the basic data for developing the self-leadership program by identifying the effect of self-leadership on intrinsic motivation among physical therapy students. METHODS: One hundred physical therapy students in E university of Gyeonggido were recruited by convenience sampling from October 4 to 14, 2016. Of them, 89% were chosen and 79% were analyzed after excluding the cases with wrong answers. The survey, using Likert's five
more » ... Likert's five scales was conducted with fifteen items of intrinsic motivation (Cronbach's , .84) and thirty-five items of self-leadership (Cronbach's , .90). Frequency analysis, correlation analysis regression diagnostics, and multiple regression analysis were done with SPSS 20.0 Statistics program (IBM, Korea). †Corresponding Author : This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. RESULTS: The total score of Self-leadership was 3.61 and of substrategies was 4.05 (Natural reward strategy), 3.38 (Behavior-focus strategy), and 3.43 (Constructive thought pattern strategy), respectively. The score of intrinsic motivation was 3.43. The substrategy of Self-leadership indicated positive correlation with intrinsic motivation. The correlation values in higher order were .75 (Natural reward strategy), .66 (Behavior-focus strategy), and .61 (Constructive thought pattern strategy). The Constructive thought pattern strategy (t=5.18, p=.00) and Natural reward strategy (t=2.10, p=.38), except Behavior-focus strategy were effective on intrinsic motivation, according to the multiple regression analysis. CONCLUSION: Before stepping up to the next level of being a physical therapist, students must go through the educational program to improve the Constructive thought pattern strategy and Natural reward strategy.
doi:10.13066/kspm.2017.12.1.113 fatcat:rl4jsnijqbfhlno7ldqupnkglu