Linguistic Study of Nakshathras (Stars) with special reference to Borrowing

S Syam
2017 unpublished
Aim and Objectives of this study include analysis of the commonly used astrological terms such as Stars or Nakshathras in Malayalam with special reference on the linguistic concept Borrowing. The present paper entitled 'Linguistic Study of Malayalam Nakshathras (Stars) with Special Reference on Borrowing' discussed the borrowing aspects of astrological terms in Malayalam especially Nakshathras. Astrological terms are linguistic signs representing a concept as well as an image. Majority of the
more » ... . Majority of the technical terms are derived from Sanskrit. All terms have diverse linguistic and cultural origin. So this leads the researcher to take this aspect in terms of Linguistics, because linguistics is a science and through this scientific study of language, language of astrology can be studied.