Analysis of Volume Fraction, Diffusion and Electrification of Suspended Particulate Matter in a Two-Phase Couette Flow with Heat Transfer in an Inertial Frame of Reference

Ashok Misra, Jagdish Prakash
2014 J Sci & Tech   unpublished
The paper deals with the effects of volume fraction, diffusion and electrification of suspended particulate matter on a two-phase flow and heat transfer between 2 infinite parallel plates due to the impulsive start of the upper plate in an inertial frame of reference. The Crank-Nicholson finite difference implicit technique is employed to find the solutions of the governing equations of flow field. An illustration of dependence of physical variables on diffusion parameter, finite volume
more » ... & magnetic parameter is depicted through figures and tables. The electrification of particles has the effects of decreasing the velocities and increasing the temperature of carrier fluid and suspended particulate matter (SPM). This type of study helps in understanding large-scale phenomena in atmospheric and oceanic circulations.