Physical Activity Profile and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Udupi (India) Population

N. Ladha, A. Maiya, N. Prabhu, A.S. Kumar, S. G, P. Kalkura
2022 Saharnyj Diabet  
Throught the world, More than 75% of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) live in low and middle-income countries. Amongst which 69.2 million of these adults live in India. Its been shown that, as level of physical activity increases, risk of developing T2DM decreases by 15-60%. Many studies are conducted to find the risk of development of T2DM in the coastal areas of Karnataka. However, the screening of people living in Udupi was not carried out.Aim: To find out the risk for the
more » ... ent of T2DM using IDRS and physical activity levels in Udupi population.Material and Methods: In the current study, we included participants who were asymptomatic and undiagnosed to be having T2DM. The participants age ranged between 30–65 yrs. Participants with the history of any neurological conditions and women who were pregnant at the time of screening were excluded. We recorded random blood glucose levels of the participants following which the risk score was obtained using the Indian Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS) and the participants were classified as high risk (score ≥60), moderate risk score (30–50) and low risk (score <30). The level of physical ­activity was measured using Global Physical Activity Questionnaire.Results: The study included 23,960 participants from Udupi district, Karnataka. Based on IDRS risk stratification, 1.5%, 17.9%, 27.5% of the participants with the age ange of 30–35 yrs, 36–50 yrs and more than 50 yrs respectively had higher risk of developing T2DM. According to GPAQ score 14% of the participants were following sedentary lifestyle, 27.6% of the were minimally active, 53.7% were very active, and 4.6% were highly active.Conclusion: From the current study we conclude that 46.9% of participants had a higher risk of developing T2DM in future who are living in Udupi district.
doi:10.14341/dm12216 fatcat:h4j7wacg7bdphnuah6ebgubjj4