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Anitha Selvaraj, Ranjith Rajeswaran, Deepika
1930 Anitha Selvaraj   unpublished
Objective The present study was aimed to developing dichotic word test in Tamil speaking children and also to generate the normative data. The word list consists of two different sets of lists, each list containing 25 pairs of monosyllabic words. These word pairs have equal duration and aligned in such a way that both words were presented simultaneously in both ears. Method The Data were administered from 100 children between the age ranges of 7-12 years. Each group consists of 20 participants
more » ... of 20 participants with 10 males and 10 females. Analysis Responses were scored in terms of single correct scores (right correct score and left correct score) and double correct scores. Results The results revealed that there was an improvement in the single and double correct scores for both Lists I and List II with an increase in age. The mean scores for right correct score and left correct score for both the lists, right ear scores were greater, compared to left ear scores and double correct scores. This indicates the Right Ear Advantage (REA). However, there was no significant difference between list and gender. Conclusion The developed dichotic word test in Tamil can be used clinically as diagnostic tool to assess the auditory processing disorder in Tamil speaking children between 7years to 12.11 years of age.