Fungal metabolites from Aspergillus niger AN27 related to plant growth promotion

G Mondal, P Dureja, B Sen
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
Two metabolites have been isolated from Aspergillus niger AN27, a biocontrol agent, and identified as 2-carboxymethyl 3-n-hexyl maleic acid (compound 1) and 2-methylene-3-hexylbutanedioic acid (compound 2). Their biological activities related to crop growth promotion have been assayed. Both the compounds increased germination and improved crop vigour. Compound 1 was more effective for increase in germination and shoot length, whereas compound 2 had relatively greater role in increasing the root
more » ... increasing the root length and biomass of cauliflower seedlings.
pmid:11233092 fatcat:ftermlsfcjakllptk5dya4ufmy