Mathematische Spezifika im HAK-Unterricht

Theresa Paar
2013 unpublished
This thesis compares the peculiarities of mathematics taught at commercial academies (HAK) to the mathematics taught at grammar schools (AHS) in Austria. For this purpose both types of schools are described and their respective curricula are compared. This is done concerning the curriculum terms in general (e.g., the different subjects) as well as the subject mathematics' syllabus in particular. Thereby a range of subjects which are solely present in the HAK curriculum are identified. Teacher
more » ... ainees for the subject mathematics have to acquire the HAK-specific topics predominately in self-study, as these topics are not covered in their course of studies. This thesis tries to give insights on how the different ranges of subjects are imparted in class. This is accomplished with the help of two schoolbooks for each of the two types of schools respectively. First, the topics present in both AHS and HAK, according to the books, are compared and the peculiarities of the HAK curriculum are shown. On the one hand this concerns HAK-specific business and commercial applications, on the other hand this pertains the different scheduling of coinciding topics. A large part of this thesis discusses the presentation of the HAK-specific topics. These are, corresponding to this type of school's focus, commercial chapters such as e.g., compound interest, annuity computation and cost- and pricing theory. Subsequent to the intensive review of the schoolbooks, the author deliberates on the usability of the HAK-schoolbooks for the teaching of mathematics. In the final stages of this thesis, the author presents the results of a survey among mathematics teachers at commercial academies. The tenor of the survey responses is that mathematics at HAKs is, especially in commercial and business topics, much more application-oriented. Furthermore this orientation is deemed of high importance if the chosen field of studies after A-levels lies in the business and economics domain. This thesis can be seen as a guideline to what knowledge a traine [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.29002 fatcat:g3rr6xpcpvfdfneipa62s7upsm