Cost analysis of experimental treatments on ponderosa pine watersheds / [book]

James M. Turner, Frederic R. Larson
1974 unpublished
A regression model predicts thinning and piling costs as a function of the degree of timber basal area removed. Thinning costs are related to basal area removed noncommercially, while piling costs are related to total basal area removals including commercial logging. Sensitivity analyses indicate that the piling predictive models are representative for all but the most extreme conditions of slope steepness likely to be encountered in the Southwest. If thinning involved removal of trees larger
more » ... an 8 inches in diameter, cost variability may be greater than that accounted for by the thinning model.
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.99667 fatcat:vpjxqpn7h5dfxopxkh2e4mucei