Spatial Correlation for DoA Characterization Using Von Mises, Cosine, and Gaussian Distributions

Wamberto J. L. Queiroz, Francisco Madeiro, Waslon Terllizzie A. Lopes, Marcelo S. Alencar
2011 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
This paper presents mathematical expressions for the spatial correlation between elements of linear and circular antenna arrays, considering cosine, Gaussian, and Von Mises distributions, for the direction of arrival (DoA) of the electromagnetic waves at the receiver antenna. The expressions obtained for the Von Mises distribution can include or not the mutual coupling effect between the elements and are simpler than those obtained for the cosine and the Gaussian distributions of the angle of
more » ... rival. The Von Mises distribution produces spatial correlation expressions in terms of Bessel and trigonometric functions. An exact expression for the spatial correlation, taking into account the mutual coupling, for the circular and linear arrays and an arbitrary number of elements are presented. It can be verified, by numerical evaluation of the expressions, that the coupling between the elements correlates the electromagnetic field, and a separation of half wavelength could not be enough to decorrelate them.
doi:10.1155/2011/540275 fatcat:ykdpbi4hx5gapdjwsheprepjii