Retailer Dynamic Pricing and Ordering Decisions: Category Management versus Brand-by-Brand Approaches

Joseph M. Hall, Praveen K. Kopalle, Aradhna Krishna
2010 Journal of Retailing  
This paper provides a framework for retailer pricing and ordering decisions in a dynamic category management setting. In this regard, the key contributions of this paper are as follows. First, we develop a multi-brand ordering and pricing model that endogenizes retailer forward buying and maximizes profitability for the category. The model considers (i) manufacturer trade deals to retailers, (ii) ordering costs incurred by the retailer, (iii) retailer forward buying behavior, and (iv) both
more » ... nd cross-price effects of all the brands in the category. Second, we use this model to compare differences in ordering and pricing decisions, and in profits, resulting from using a category management versus a brand-by-brand management approach. Our approach allows us to derive implications in a dynamic setting about the impact of interdependence among the brands upon decisions on pass-through of trade deals and retailer order quantity. We show that category management results in noticeably higher profits versus brand-by-brand and cost-plus (markup) approaches. Further, our results suggest an interaction between a brand's own-price effect and its cross-price effect emerges. If the cross-price effect for a brand is low -that is, the brand takes away relatively few sales from the other brands -the retail pass-through should increase with that brand's own-price effect. On the other hand, when the cross-price effect is high, the retail pass-through decreases with the brand's own-price effect.
doi:10.1016/j.jretai.2010.02.006 fatcat:owdql66wqvcipiskftbpvdh3pa