Creative Imagination and the Imagery Based on it in the Poetry of Sherko Bekas and Mahmoud Darwish (Relying on Derbendî Pepûle: A Long Poem and Madih al-zill al-'ali (A Eulogy for the Tall Shadow))

Yadullah Pashabadi
2016 پژوهشنامه ادبیات کردی  
The use of imaginative elements as well as artistic and poetic images in the poetry of Sherko Bekas is so significant that attracts the attention of every eyes reading them and every ears listening to them. It is fair enough to call Bekas the greatest and the most innovative poet in Kurdish literature. This study in the field of comparative literature seeks to investigate such images and imaginative elements in the works of Bekas, and the famous Arab poet Darwish, using an
more » ... approach. In order to keep the length of this study reasonable, one selected ode from each poet is considered. The deft use of poetic fantasy and imagination is laudable in both odes; more various and more significant in Bekas, however. The poetic fantasy and imagination of Darwish is not as expanded as that of Bekas.
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