Calciothermic Reduction of TiCl4 Gas during the Electrolysis of CaCl2 Melt

Ryosuke O. Suzuki, Takayuki Naito
2009 ECS Transactions   unpublished
The calciothermic reduction of TiCl 4 gas was studied firstly by using Ca-CaCl 2 melt, to whose surface the gas was blown. The fine Ti particles settled down in the crucible, when the concentration of dissolved Ca was > 2 mol% at 1173 K. When < 2mol%Ca, a part of TiCl 4 gas was dissolved probably as TiCl 3 or TiCl 2 into the CaCl 2 melt, and it precipitated as the lower Ti oxides. When TiCl 4 gas was blown to the molten CaCl 2 , which was electrochemically decomposed into Cl 2 gas at the carbon
more » ... 2 gas at the carbon anode and Ca at the Ti cathode, TiCl 4 gas was reduced to the dendritic Ti on the cathode surface. Because the electrolyzed Ca reacted preferentially with the oxide crucibles, most of the oxygen ions combined with Ti(II) and Ti(III), and they formed TiO and Ti 2 O 3 .
doi:10.1149/1.3159331 fatcat:dolnltjpv5h7nczshfg4ytnadi