Bukit Bunuh Subsurface Study Using Gravity Method for Meteorite Impact Indicators Postgraduate Student, Noer El Hidayah Ismail

Rosli Saad, Mokhtar Saidin, Postgraduate Student, Y Kiu
Bukit Bunuh is situated in Lenggong valley, Perak (Malaysia) surrounded by mountainous terrain underlain by granitic formation of Bintang range. A few geophysical investigations are carried out to study the unrevealed impact crater for the area. Gravity is one of the methods applied to contour the variations of density distribution. A survey area of 128 km 2 was covered using Scintrex CG5 AutoGrav and further processed using Microsoft Excel and Surfer 8. The gravity result shows the bouguer
more » ... ows the bouguer anomaly contour verified clearly the subsurface density. The occurrence of isolated positive and negative bouguer anomaly suggested the area could be a simple crater