K. A. Lisetskyi
2015 Novìtnâ Osvìta  
The article deals with the introduction of blended learning in the system of higher education. The author describes basic tendencies in implementation of blended learning system, which in different proportions combines the elements of traditional and distance learning. Organization of the online learning course and the components of blended learning are characterized in detail. The author provides the definition of the term "blended learning". The possibilities and advantages of blended
more » ... in combination with traditional or face-to-face and independent or distance learning are reviewed. The emphasis is put on the use of distance learning in the course of traditional full-time training. In the article various existing blended learning models and the ways of their adaptation are considered. It is shown that the use of different forms of online learning in combination with traditional learning makes it possible to achieve higher efficiency of education, but the transition from traditional forms of training into the area of free educational space is not easy and requires a lot of effort.
doi:10.20535/2410-8286.51344 fatcat:kbf6jaaikvczzjxg6bz2clfgti