The Maximum Explosion Pressure of Lignite in Dependence on Particle Size

Richard Kuracina, Zuzana Szabová
2019 Research Papers. Faculty of Materials Science and Technology. Slovak University of Technology in Trnava  
Floating coal dusts are always produced during coal mining process in the underground mines. In a coal mine and other coal processing or utilizing industries, there are always some potential safety problems, such as coal dust explosion accidents.[1,2] During lignite mining and processing, flammable coal dust is produced. Fire properties of coal dust depend on the particle size. The article deals with the measurement of explosion characteristics of lignite in dependence of particle size at three
more » ... ticle size at three various concentrations. The measurements were carried out according to EN 14034-1+A1:2011 Determination of explosion characteristics of dust clouds. Part 1: Determination of the maximum explosion pressure pmax of dust clouds. Tests of the lignite dust clouds explosions showed that the maximum value of the pressure was reached at the concentrations of 500 g.m−3 and the particle size between 0 – 56 µm. At this concentration, the highest explosion pressure of 8.25 bar was reached.
doi:10.2478/rput-2019-0006 fatcat:uvetdbbqrzb7hhidkf7e2xv7qq