Comparative Study on the Effects of Organic and Conventional Production Systems on Sheep Milk Yield and Chemical Composition

Ioan-Walter Sauer, Dinu Gavojdian, Sorin-Octavian Voia, Maria Sauer, Mihaela Albulescu, Carmen Dragomir, Ioan Padeanu
2016 Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies   unpublished
Objective of the current research was to evaluate the effects of the production system (conventional vs. organic), on milk yield and major chemical components from milk, in Turcana sheep reared under highland conditions. In the conventional system, the ewes had an average milk production of 76.81±2.99kg, with limits ranging between 64.67kg and 92.01kg. While in the organic production system, the Turcana ewes produced on average 78.95±4.59kg of milk, with variations between 69.29kg and 86.93kg.
more » ... ifferences between the two experimental groups were not significant (p>0.05). Although, the ewes reared under organic production outperformed the conventional managed ewes, on average by 2.14kg of milk/lactation. Fat percentage was on average 8.38±0.330%, with limits ranging between 7.25% and 8.97% in the conventional system, and of 7.72±0.261% with limits of 6.95% and 8.65% in the organic system. Protein levels were of 5.91±0.246% in the conventional system, with limits ranging between 5.26% and 6.79%, while in the organic trial the average 5.64±0.184%, ranging 5.11% and 6.31%. Current results suggest that the potential to produce and market organic sheep milk under highlands conditions is high in Romania, and will not have detrimental effects on the overall production or milk quality parameters.