Influence of the Infestation by Varroa Mite Varroa destructor on Some Antennal Sense Organs of the Worker and Drone Honey Bees Apis mellifera L

T Abd El-Wahab, T Abd El-Wahab, M Zakaria, M Nour
2006 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Scanning electron microscope (S.E.M.) was used to investigate some sensilla organs of honey bee workers and drones antennae infested with varroa mites. Mean numbers and surface area of Sensilla placodea and mean number and length of Sensilla Trichodea type A & B for samples of healthy, heavily infested and deformed newly emerged workers and drones with varroa mites were conducted by S.E.M. Mean number and mean surface area of sensilla placodea on flagellomeres no. 6,8,10 of the examined bee
more » ... nnae increased significantly with the infestation by varroa mites especially in the deformed newly emerged honey bee workers and drones compared with the healthy ones. There were reducing significant in the average no. of sensilla trichodea type A and B of antennae among the infested and healthy newly emerged honey bee workers particularly in the deformed worker bees. Significant lowers of mean length, width and mean surface area of antennal flagellomer were found in the heavily infested and deformed worker and drone bees than the healthy ones.