Taxonomic Notes of Polychaeta in Rocky Intertidal Shores of Gunung Kidul

2013 unpublished
ABSTRAK Hadiyanto (2013) Catatan taksonomi polychaeta di pantai intertidal berbatu Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Zoo Indonesia, 22(2), 17-27. Tiga puluh spesies polychaeta telah dilaporkan dari pantai intertidal berbatu "Gunung Kidul", Yogyakarta. Semua spesimen disimpan di Pusat Penelitian Oseanografi (P2O-LIPI), Jakarta. Kebanyakan polychaeta tersebut tersebar luas di perairan Indo-West Pacific. Sembilan belas dari seluruh spesies yang teridentifikasi terindikasi sebagai temuan pertama di
more » ... pertama di perairan Indonesia, tetapi temuan tersebut perlu diverifikasi. ABSTRACT Hadiyanto (2013) Taxonomic notes of polychaeta in rocky intertidal shores of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Zoo Indonesia, 22(2), 17-27. Thirty polychaete species in sixteen families were reported from rocky intertidal shores of "Gunung Kidul", Yogyakarta. All specimens were deposited in Research Center for Oceanography (RCO-LIPI), Jakarta. Most of them widely distributed in Indo-West Pacific waters. Nineteen identified species were indicated as new record to Indonesian waters, but these records in particular need to be verified.