Russia and Jigetiya: to the Issue of Relations in 1837–1854

2022 Bylye Gody  
The article examines the Russian-Jigeti relations in the Caucasus in the middle of the XIX century. The source base of the research consists of archival materials of the State Archive of the Krasnodar Krai (Krasnodar, Russian Federation), collections of documents, materials of personal origin and prerevolutionary periodicals. In solving research problems, the authors applied the principle of historicism, which made it possible to make a comprehensive analysis of pre-revolutionary, Soviet and
more » ... ern sources and historiography related to Russian-Jigeti relations. In conclusion, the authors state that Russian-Jigeti relations developed in a difficult military-political situation. After the construction of the fortification of the Holy Spirit at the mouth of the Mzymta River in 1837, the jigets, despite the influence of a stronger and more numerous tribe of Ubykhs, systematically contacted the Russian command. The Jigeti princes regarded the Russians as a new military and political force on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, capable of preventing attacks on the small tribe of Jigets by the Ubykhs and other powerful tribes of the Caucasus. The acceptance of Russian citizenship by the Jigets had a positive impact on the political stability in Jigeti and contributed to the establishment of peaceful relations between the Jigets and Russians. Russian-Jigeti relations began to deteriorate in the early 1850s, after a joint attempt by Jigets and Ubykhs to invade Abkhazia for plunder. The Jigets were deprived of their privileges. The anti-Russian activities of Naib Mahomet-Amin among the Ubykhs also negatively affected the military-political situation in Jigeti, since the Jigeti societies partially joined Mahomet-Amin. As a result of the outbreak of the Crimean War in March 1854, the garrison of the fortification of the Holy Spirit was evacuated, and the Jigeti police station also ceased to exist.
doi:10.13187/bg.2022.2.677 fatcat:j2lkdj5gd5gu5f2r4teal46gtu