Getting Students Back on Track: Persistent Effects of Flipping Accelerated Organic Chemistry on Student Achievement, Study Strategies, and Perceptions of Instruction [post]

Lynn C. Reimer, Kameryn Denaro, Wenliang He, Renee Link
2020 unpublished
<p>Converting a first-term, accelerated summer organic chemistry course to a flipped format reduced the achievement gap in the flipped course and in the second-term traditional lecture course between Non-Repeaters taking an accelerated course to "get ahead" and Repeaters taking the course to "get back on track." The difference in final exam performance in the second-term course was nearly halved, the GPA gap in both courses was reduced, and the gap in passing rate for the second-term course was
more » ... eliminated. While most students responded positively to the flipped course structure, repeating students held a stronger preference for the flipped format. These findings provide guidance on how to create courses that promote equity, access and retention of diverse students in STEM.</p>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.9775910.v3 fatcat:aiqpolxkfvg7rpf5i4r22ktgf4