The Influence of Simultaneously Applied Anabolic Steroids on the Suppression of the Adrenal Cortex by Glucocorticoids

Naoji SHIBUKAWA, Mamoru KATO, Hiroshi DEMURA, Kazuo MAKABE
1964 Folia Endocrinologica Japonica  
A study was undertaken to determine whether or not anabolic steroids prevent the adrenocortical suppression by glucocorticoids when given in combination. The results, in summary, were as follows : 1) Animal experiment : 19-NAPP (Durabolin) 5 mg. administered for 10 days in combination with dexamethasone 0.2 mg. in rats, prevented the adrenal atrophy which occurred when dexamethasone alone was given. Adrenal cortex of rats given both 19-NAPP and dexamethasone were essentially normal in size and
more » ... istological appearence. 2) Clinical experiment: The glucocorticoids converting equivalent amount of in prednisolone, more than mean 15 mg. per day for over three weeks were given. On anabolic steroids 50 mg. per week of 19-NADC (Deca-Durabolin), 25--50 mg. per week of 19-NAPP, or 30 mg. per day of oxymetholone (Anadrol) were given with glucocorticoids. In 9 patients treated with glucocorticoids alone (group A), response of plasma 17-OHCS levels to ACTH-Z 40 I.U. administration was markedly decreased. Contrary to this, in 10 patients treated with a combination of anabolic steroids and glucocorticoids (group B), the plasma 17-OHCS response to ACTH test was generally greater than the response in group A. In 4 cases of the group who had been administered with 19-NADC 50 mg. per week, the plasma 17-OHCS response showed results within normal range. The mean value of increase per cent of plasma 17-OHCS following ACTH-Z administration in group B was within the normal limit. From the above mentioned results, it was observed that a simultaneous application of anabolic steroids is effective to prevent the suppression of the adrenal cortex by glucocorticoids.
doi:10.1507/endocrine1927.39.12_1101 pmid:14141769 fatcat:i6dolwxmfvaz7egnqab67vebhm