Double patterning of contact array with carbon polymer

Woo-Yung Jung, Guee-Hwang Sim, Sang-Min Kim, Choi-Dong Kim, Sung-Min Jeon, Keunjun Kim, Sang-Wook Park, Byung-Seok Lee, Sung-Ki Park, Hoon-Hee Cho, Ji-Soo Kim
2008 Optical Microlithography XXI  
The spacer patterning technique (SPT) is well known as one of the methods expanding the resolution limit and mainly useful for patterning line & space of memory device. Although contact array could be achieved by both spacer patterning technique and double exposure & etch technique (DEET) 1 , the former would be preferable to the latter by the issues of overlay burden and resolution limit of isolated contact. The process procedure for contact array is similar to that for line & space which
more » ... & space which involves the 1st mask exposure, etch, carbon polymer deposition, the 2nd mask exposure and etch step sequentially. With SPT, it would be possible to realize contact array of 30nm half pitch including 30nm isolated contact as well as line & space of 30nm half pitch.
doi:10.1117/12.771092 fatcat:jhbwkkmhfja2zcfjp66xxqcy3y