Characterization of Biodegradable P3HB/HA Nanocomposite Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering

A. Saadat, S. Karbasi, A. A. Behnam Ghader, M. Khodaei
2015 Procedia Materials Science  
This study is based on synthesize of Nano Hydroxyapatite particles and fabrication of Poly3-hydroxybutyrate/nano hydroxyapatite composite (P3HB/nHA) scaffolds by solvent casting and Salt leaching technique. Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) was reinforced with different weight ratio of nano hydroxyapatite (nHA) (0-10 wt.%) and then NaCl particles(70, 80 and 90 wt.%) were added as spacer agent to make it porous scaffold. Nanoparticles were evaluated by TEM and XRD analysis. According to scanning electron
more » ... scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation, the pore size of scaffold was 200-250 μm. The morphology and distribution of pores in prepared scaffolds were also uniform. The distribution of nHA in scaffolds was investigated by X-ray map of Ca. Weight reduction of scaffolds in PBS solution by time, showed that degradation rate of scaffold increases due to nHA particles up to 7.5 wt.% nHA. Degradation rate also was increased by increasing the porosity of scaffold.
doi:10.1016/j.mspro.2015.11.112 fatcat:niemztff6zdsbjehb7i3smpz4u