Telemedicine in shipping [article]

Ελένη-Εμμανουέλα Κουμαντάκη, University Of Thessaly, Γεώργιος Σταμούλης
Telemedicine is one of the most important developments in the field of science, particularly the Informational Technologies and the medical sector, as well as, and not exclusively, engineering, software development etc. As an innovative system, it uses telematics technologies, ie combines computers and communications to support medical services. In recent years, telemedicine has been operating in the shipping industry, such as the navy and the commercial naval services. Nowadays, telemedicine
more » ... cludes the use of equipment such as satellite and internet connection to provide medical assistance to people living in isolated areas and unable to provide immediate physical medical assistance. For the navy, both military and commercial, the use of telemedicine, telemedicine technology and telemedicine devices, such as satellite and internetbased ECG machines, is extremely beneficial given that a ship can not disembark at any time a port in case of emergencies requiring medical help. This research project attempts to highlight the key strong and weak points of the existing telemedical technologies and, in the main part of the paper, to suggest the creation of a new, innovatory and cost-effective system that can be applied in the navy. Apart from the main applications and details of the new system, in the main part of the paper, the necessary equipment and training for the personnel are described and explained.
doi:10.26253/heal.uth.14554 fatcat:bkk3rlrfkngrthgofya3tth6cy