Fate and scientific path of the archaeologist Vladimir Ivanovich Timofeyev (14.06.1947-08.08.2004)

Sergey Alexandrovitch Vasilyev, Lev Mikhailovitch Vseviov, Alexander Alexeevich Vybornov, Dmitriy Vladimirovitch Gerasimov, Mariya Vladimirovna Medvedeva, Vladimir Yakovlevitch Shumkin
2017 Samara Journal of Science  
Born in the Murmansk Oblast, Vladimir Ivanovich Timofeyev lived a short but bright and creative life full of scientific research and achievements. As far as studying at the department of Archaeology of Leningrad State University, he chose the Holocene Stone Age as the topic for his research, to which he remained faithful up to the end of life. Working his way up from a laboratory assistant to the head of the Paleolithic Department of Leningrad Institute of Archaeology within the Academy of
more » ... the Academy of Science USSR-Institute for the Material Culture History of Russian Academy of Sciences, he proved himself as a purposeful, highly educated specialist who had extensive knowledge in field research, scientific methods and archaeological theory. Excellent memory, analytical abilities and diligence of Vladimir Ivanovich were noted by all colleagues and friends, both Russian and foreign ones, during expeditions and at conferences. The deserved recognition of Vladimir Ivanovich as the greatest expert of the Neolithic Age is unquestionable and it was about to be developed in doctoral thesis. Full sections of this work were discussed many times at the meetings of the Paleolithic Department and the Academic Council of Institute for the Material Culture History and always received the highest appreciation. Unfortunately, a tragic accident cut short the life path of a first-class archaeologist and Vladimir Ivanovich Timofeevs extensive final research devoted to a wide range of Neolithic problems was never completed. Almost 13 years have elapsed since the untimely passing of this talented scientist but the bitterness of loss does not become weaker.
doi:10.17816/snv201763201 fatcat:iv6z2tqd7zb6zltwfmapitvsvq