Implantation, deciduoma formation and live births in mast cell-deficient mice (W/Wv)

R. J. Wordinger, F. L. Jackson, A. Morrill
1986 Reproduction  
The intraluminal injection of oil produced deciduoma formation in ovariectomized, mast cell-normal (+ /+) and mast cell-deficient (W/Wv) mice that were treated with exogenous steroids. Oil injection and trauma (e.g. sutures) also produced a deciduoma in ovariectomized + / + and W/Wv mice that had received a single control (+ / +) ovary transplanted under the kidney capsule. After transfers of donor blastocysts, implantation and live births were obtained in +/+ and W/Wv mice containing a single
more » ... ontaining a single ovary transplant. Our results demonstate that uterine mast cells are not required for the production of a decidual cell response, implantation, gestation or the birth of live offspring in mice.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0770471 fatcat:elzfmoumpjdsxm5o6ifloo2oy4