Chancen feministischer Evaluation. Methodische Herausforderungen bei der Evaluation von Gender Mainstreaming und Gleichstellungspolitiken. Working Paper 119 [report]

Angela Wroblewski, Bente Knoll, Barbara Pichler, Elisabeth Reitinger, Birgit Hofleitner, Barbara Egger, Victoria Englmaier, Peter Koller, Arn Sauer, IHS - Institute for Advanced Studies, Angela Wroblewski
2018 unpublished
Studies in the context of gender mainstreaming, gender equality policy or feminist issues often face specific challenges in connection with the empirical approach. The Gender Mainstreaming Working Group (AK GM) of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) focused on the choice of adequate methods and research designs for the evaluation of gender mainstreaming measures, gender equality policies and feminist evaluation at its spring conference 2017, which took place at the IHS on 11 May 2017 and is
more » ... 11 May 2017 and is documented in this volume.
doi:10.22163/fteval.2018.502 fatcat:hdo7s5a2szdyxdb5jj4c4q4uie