Figure 2. Association between cumulative IgG levels to 38 P. vivax proteins and exposure to P. vivax infections in Papua New Guinean children aged 1–3 years [unknown]

The study of antigenic targets of naturally-acquired immunity is essential to identify and prioritize antigens for further functional characterization. We measured total IgG antibodies to 38 P. vivax antigens, investigating their relationship with prospective risk of malaria in a cohort of 1-3 years old Papua New Guinean children. Using simulated annealing algorithms, the potential protective efficacy of antibodies to multiple antigen-combinations, and the antibody thresholds associated with
more » ... tection were investigated for the first time. High antibody levels to multiple known and newly identified proteins were strongly associated with protection (IRR 0.44-0.74, p<0.001-0.041). Among five-antigen combinations with the strongest protective effect (>90%), EBP, DBPII, RBP1a, CyRPA, and PVX_081550 were most frequently identified; several of them Franç a et al. eLife 2017;6:e28673.
doi:10.7554/elife.28673.004 fatcat:seys2iry75ggxiws7jmohzodpq