Assembly and handling apparatus for the EBFA Marx generator [report]

G.E. Staller, G.E. Hiett, I.D. Hamilton, M.F. Aker, G.A. Daniels
1979 unpublished
Marx generators, a major slow-pulsed power component in Sandia Laboratories' Electron Beam Fusion Accelerator (EBFA), were assembled at a remote facility modified to utilize an assembly-line technique. Due to the size and weight of the various components, as well as the final Marx generator assembly, special handling apparatus was designed. Time and manpower constraints required that this assembly be done in parallel with the construction of the Electron Beam Fusion Facility CEBFF). "Hie
more » ... CEBFF). "Hie completed Marx generators were temporarily stored and then moved from the assembly building to the EBFF using special transportation racks designed specifically lor this purpose. 3
doi:10.2172/6123331 fatcat:fjo26zstnzg4lhdgs55xrhbzeu