Phase Separation and Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Cu-Co Alloys

Fengxiang Guo, Wei Wang, Qiwei Wang, Jian Yuan, Lei Li, Huilue Jiang, Zhonghai Zhou, Xuelei Tian
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Material, Energy and Environment Engineering   unpublished
Undercooling of Cu-Co alloys is achieved with the help of glass flux technology. Electrical resistivity of Cu 20 Co 80 and Cu 60 Co 40 has been detected during the cooling process. In undercooled liquid, an inflection in resistivity is well accompanied by a turning point in temperature-time curve, which is believed a signature of phase separation in Cu-Co alloys. As the phase separation is in process, resistivity behaviours following Percolation model shortly. In as-solidified samples, SEM
more » ... d samples, SEM results indicate a separated microstructure.
doi:10.2991/ism3e-15.2015.39 fatcat:kh7tflhyafbsphtvimqc2m2ple